How to Choose the Proper Foods for Optimal pH Balance

Are you still eating the way your grandparents ate?  Most people still follow an unhealthy diet that has been passed down to them from generation to generation without questioning the implications of the prolonged consumption of the foods they are eating.  The population of students in culinary schools in the U.S. is growing exponentially. Everyone seems to want in on the culinary bandwagon.  Individuals are leaving prestigious careers in hopes of becoming top chefs and TV chefs personalities.  As an avid watcher of “Chopped” and other culinary shows on television, I look forward to seeing healthier food preparation and choices.  

Back in 2002, a few friends and I decided to go vegan.  One of my friends thought we were not getting enough protein in our diet so we chose to incorporate fish (I included seafood) back into our meals.  I was eating fish practically everyday for a number of years until I learned that fish is among the foods that acidifies when metabolized in the body causing the body to be more acidic than alkaline.  So, why is this important? The body should be pH neutral.  According to the pH scale, 7 is neutral and any pH above 7 is more alkaline and any pH below 7 is more acidic.     

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