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Self-Empowerment: It’s in our DNA

DNAAre you self-empowered? How can you tell? What and who is controlling your thoughts your consciousness? Have you unplugged and listened to your own heart? Listen to your own story? Okay, so this blog is my way to become self-empowered and if I do it well, that means I have helped others in becoming empowered.

There’s a lot of talk on the internet about being your greatest version of yourself etc. Well how can we be our greatest version when we get criticized about everything we do. We have people all over the world suffering or are in pain. Don’t have food and or shelter from the elements. Governments are being dishonest with their citizens. Citizens are fighting with one another.

You go to work and co-workers hate on you and create unnecessary actions that led to bad relationships and horrible communication. Self-empowerment is about taking the focus off of others and directing that energy back to oneself. I have found that when I focus on what someone else is doing, I start to judge them. Yet, when I focus on myself, I am happier and more content with my own life and challenges.

With all of us plugged in electronically, we look at ourselves and compare ourselves to others and in our own mind, if we don’t measure up or put ourselves down and if we think we are better in some way, we go back to being judgmental again. So, how does any of this empower us? In a world where “fake is in,” and real is a “code word” for someone else’s belief system, what are we to do?

I know I am asking lots of questions here, but, it is my hope to open my own brain and hopefully yours as well so we can really get to this self-empowerment stage. Self-empowerment is also about being free from something that holds you back – a thought, feeling, action, even a person or a thing. Everyone of us was created to be self-empowered. It is in our DNA.

Even when we love our job and family, sometimes we need that space to get away, go on a vacation, or socialize with our friends and leave our spouse and/or significant others at home. We all need “me time.” Of course many of us get carried away and take too much “me time” and I call that selfishness. That is not what self-empowerment is about from my perspective. You are empowering the self. Loving the self. If you do not or cannot love yourself, don’t be foolish enough to believe you can love someone else or be loved by someone else.

Since this post is not being tweaked and just posting as it is, it may sound a bit like rambling. How do we love ourselves when everywhere we look, tells us to hate and devalue ourselves? The war is not outside yourself, it is internal and the sooner you empower yourself, the sooner your battle is won.

Love & Happiness!